“If you are inspired to create magic – it will happen” – Annija Muižule interview

For me Flickr will always be a source of inspiration: people from all around the world, people that I don’t know and maybe will never meet, but people who surprise me with their talent: artists. Annija Muižule is one of these people, her photos are full of emotion, are sensitive and beautiful. Every time I look through her gallery it makes me want to take my photo camera and go outside and take rolls and rolls of film.

1. First of all I would like to ask you a few personal things: where are you from, how old are you, which is your current occupation and when did you start taking photos?

I am 19 years old from Latvia, Northern Europe. Right now I am English language and Literature student. I have always enjoyed taking photos, however, I began to perceive photography seriously only during last autumn.

2. What/ who was it that determined you to start taking photos?

I guess it was my boyfriend and a sudden amount of inspiration from the Scandinavian photographer Annette Pehrsson. My passion for analogue photography definitely played a role here as well.. When I realized the diversity of emotions and environments one can deliver through the art of photography I knew this is what I want to do.

3. What camera are you using? And which type of photography do you prefer: film or digital? Why?

I mainly use film cameras; the heavy, yet handy Zenit-B and a more recent Canon 3000v, both of which I got from my boyfriend. I also own a Canon 500d, which I use mainly for experimenting before I feel confident enough to use film. I prefer film photography, you can notice the difference by just looking through the viewfinder. Film cameras truly make the whole world different around me. Though, I don’t hesitate to use my digital camera – with the right angle and lighting everything is possible.

4. Usually, when shooting a roll of film, how many of the pictures come out the way you want?

With film you can never be sure what will happen. Sometimes they are too dark, sometimes too exposed. Usually, more than half of them work for me.

5. What do you think are the most important three rules about taking good film photographs?

For me it’s all about the feeling and inspiration. If you are inspired to create magic – it will happen. Every photo can turn out to be unexpectedly beautiful. Obviously, it is essential to load the film properly, find the right place, people you want to take photos of and the inspiration. That’s all I have to know.

6. What message do you want to transmit through your photography?

I wish my photos could transmit the world that is not as industrial and urbanized as it is. I am searching for emotions beyond reality and actual world. Unconsciously my photos transmit things that I personally lack, for example, calmness and isolation from all of the problems I tend to create, things and new environments I am reaching for.

8. Who is your favorite photographer and who is your favorite photographer on Flickr? Why?

There are a lot of photographers I admire, for instance, Mariam Sitchinava, Teresa Queirós, Marie Zucker, Adriano Sodré, Annette Pehrsson, Laura Makabresku, Heiner Luepke, Aëla Labbé and many more. They all are so unique with their own style of taking photos. It is amazing how they all come up with new ideas and brilliant stories about their photos.

9. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I hope to see myself getting more experienced in photography, graduating from university and hopefully taking lots and lots of photos!

ceremonials by the lake ceremonials by the lake by Annija Muižule

Untitled Untitled by Annija Muižule

down in the blinding light down in the blinding light by Annija Muižule

back to the woods back to the woods by Annija Muižule

hold me close hold me close by Annija Muižule

precious precious by Annija Muižule


Looking forward

I love portraits taken with film cameras. I believe it is more difficult to take a good portrait with a film camera, you have to pay attention more carefully to the light, to the distance and everything else. But film portraits are beautiful: the grain, the colors, the unexpected “faults” that the camera leaves on the photo and the fact that you can’t know for sure how the picture will come out.

There is a cathegory of film portraits that I particularly like taking and I enjoy seeing: “back portraits”. They have a feeling of melancholy, mistery, but also familiarity, it is so much more easire to identify with the photo. It’s like looking forward, to what is ahead…I think these kind of portraits are hopeful ones.

Below are some beautiful  “back potraits” taken by some really talented people, whose work I admire.

Untitled by Richard Ramirez Jr

Untitled by emilyharriet

Untitled by Sasha Kurmaz

lost in progression

lost in progression by somehowlou

white winter hymnal - birdy

white winter hymnal – birdy by whimsical jane

pale skin and warm air by Annija Muižule

Untitled by byss and abyss

Untitled by tyreke.white

rabbit with white ears 3

rabbit with white ears 3 by   little.russian.artist