Taking pictures of friends

It is always very nice to spend your time with people that have the same passions and hobbies as you. Not very long ago I met up with a friend of mine, Jane, who, same as me, likes taking pictures with film and she takes really beautiful photos. Her pictures and herself remind me of Jane Austen’s books so it was very nice to take some photos of her. Here are a few photos taken by my with my film camera, an old Zenit-E.


Looking forward

I love portraits taken with film cameras. I believe it is more difficult to take a good portrait with a film camera, you have to pay attention more carefully to the light, to the distance and everything else. But film portraits are beautiful: the grain, the colors, the unexpected “faults” that the camera leaves on the photo and the fact that you can’t know for sure how the picture will come out.

There is a cathegory of film portraits that I particularly like taking and I enjoy seeing: “back portraits”. They have a feeling of melancholy, mistery, but also familiarity, it is so much more easire to identify with the photo. It’s like looking forward, to what is ahead…I think these kind of portraits are hopeful ones.

Below are some beautiful  “back potraits” taken by some really talented people, whose work I admire.

Untitled by Richard Ramirez Jr

Untitled by emilyharriet

Untitled by Sasha Kurmaz

lost in progression

lost in progression by somehowlou

white winter hymnal - birdy

white winter hymnal – birdy by whimsical jane

pale skin and warm air by Annija Muižule

Untitled by byss and abyss

Untitled by tyreke.white

rabbit with white ears 3

rabbit with white ears 3 by   little.russian.artist