Why every person should own a photo camera

Driving home one day you might see a beautiful tree in the light of the dusk and it might touch your heart in a way a tree never did before. Because, you see, sometimes images speak louder than words. And maybe you would like to remember this tree for a long time, because in that moment there was more than just an image, it was a feeling. Or maybe, there is that old man at the corner of your street, that you see every spring and summer sitting there quiet selling flowers. Sometimes you like talking to him more than you like his flowers, because, simple as he is his voice is low and his words are wisdom. So you think, you would like to remember him because the time flies quick and one day he might not be there anymore, and the street will look emptier. But how about that day, the day that you will graduate, the day that marks the end of your childish life, wouldn’t you like to remember that day forever? And even all the usual days spent with your friends at the university, at the library, theater, that old dirty inn, wouldn’t you like to keep a memory of them to have through the years that are ahead of you? How about your wedding day, that day when you feel you are the most important person for someone, the way your loved one looks, wouldn’t you like to keep that image forever?
Seeing your baby walk for the first time, seeing his first tooth bursting out, seeing your kid growing up under your eyes, all the beautiful moments spent with your family, all the beautiful things in the world and all the ordinary days of your life…wouldn’t you like to remember them forever, wouldn’t you like to leave them as a gift for you dear ones to remember you by? All the faces of the people you love, the people you admire, the people you just met, the people that you never get to know very well. Than you should take a picture of them, of them all, because, it’s true we have memories locked in our minds and hearts, but sometimes we need a little reminder.
I don’t know how many of you remember form physics the difference between real and virtual images. The virtual images cannot be kept, you can’t capture them on a screen or piece of paper, whereas, the real images can be captured and kept for ever. Well, the photo camera gives you a real image, a photography is something real and true to you. Try to gather as many memories as you can, try to take as many pictures as you can because life is worth living, because people are worth remembering, because places and the things we see change us, because life is beautiful with it’s ups and downs and photography can speak that more that a thousand words.

lilac lilac by little.russian.artist

summer summer by little.russian.artist

St Fangus St Fangus by somehowlou

peace and silence peace and silence by whimsicaljane

pale pale by little.russian.artist


How I fell in love with film photography

I have always loved photography. I remember that when I was little and my parents took me to their friends, to visit, I could not just stay on the sofa and listen to their conversations, but I would walk around the room and stare at every picture in every corner of the room. When I was 12 years old I really wanted to have a camera in order to be able to take pictures of all the things I thought were beautiful and worth remembering. So one spring I saved some money and went to the local market to buy a camera. I bought this cheap plastic film camera and I started carry it with me everywhere. The favorite place to take photos was my grandparents village. Growing up I kind of forgot how much I loved taking pictures, but a few years ago I started taking pictures again. I began shooting digital photos, but I always felt like something was missing. So one day I bought a Zenit-E film camera. I like everything about film photography (this does not mean that I do no appreciate digital photography, just that film suits me better): choosing the film, uploading the camera, the way I have to really think a shoot before I take it, waiting and anticipating to see haw the pictures come out.
So, I want to share with you a little documentary about film photography I randomly found today on the internet.

What film photography still has to offer by Cubie King

*source: http://www.youtube.com, original from CNN

About photography, stories and airplanes

Long ago i saw a picture of a soldier. That picture is now one of my favorites. On the back of that photo was written a beautiful poem for the girl that was waiting for him back home. That photo told me a story, allowed me to see something from a long time ago so I was able to feel and see at least a little part of that moment. In that photo was my grandfather. Growing up he told me the whole story of that picture, the way he met my grandmother, a free-harted girl, the way he went to war, and the way they met again after the war was over, in a beautiful Sunday morning. I believe that every photo tells a story, I believe that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So, since I was a child i loved photography and I loved taking pictures.

Beside photography I also love words. I believe that words complete pictures, or add something more to them, a new feeling, a better understanding of that short moment when the picture was taken. This blog is about photography and words, about people, the people in the photos and the people behind the camera , stories and of course, about airplanes.