How I fell in love with film photography

I have always loved photography. I remember that when I was little and my parents took me to their friends, to visit, I could not just stay on the sofa and listen to their conversations, but I would walk around the room and stare at every picture in every corner of the room. When I was 12 years old I really wanted to have a camera in order to be able to take pictures of all the things I thought were beautiful and worth remembering. So one spring I saved some money and went to the local market to buy a camera. I bought this cheap plastic film camera and I started carry it with me everywhere. The favorite place to take photos was my grandparents village. Growing up I kind of forgot how much I loved taking pictures, but a few years ago I started taking pictures again. I began shooting digital photos, but I always felt like something was missing. So one day I bought a Zenit-E film camera. I like everything about film photography (this does not mean that I do no appreciate digital photography, just that film suits me better): choosing the film, uploading the camera, the way I have to really think a shoot before I take it, waiting and anticipating to see haw the pictures come out.
So, I want to share with you a little documentary about film photography I randomly found today on the internet.

What film photography still has to offer by Cubie King

*source:, original from CNN


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