About photography, stories and airplanes

Long ago i saw a picture of a soldier. That picture is now one of my favorites. On the back of that photo was written a beautiful poem for the girl that was waiting for him back home. That photo told me a story, allowed me to see something from a long time ago so I was able to feel and see at least a little part of that moment. In that photo was my grandfather. Growing up he told me the whole story of that picture, the way he met my grandmother, a free-harted girl, the way he went to war, and the way they met again after the war was over, in a beautiful Sunday morning. I believe that every photo tells a story, I believe that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So, since I was a child i loved photography and I loved taking pictures.

Beside photography I also love words. I believe that words complete pictures, or add something more to them, a new feeling, a better understanding of that short moment when the picture was taken. This blog is about photography and words, about people, the people in the photos and the people behind the camera , stories and of course, about airplanes.


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